’m a startup founder who thinks he’s finally discovered what he wants to be when he grows up… a startup founder.

I started in commercial banking and got a solid grounding in business, finance and accounting. I moved into investment management and learned all about public company investment, as well as leadership and marketing. When working for myself I consulted to small businesses and learned how different they are to large companies. In the startup world I’ve learned about technology, presenting, negotiation and startup investment. As founder of my own startup I’ve developed my product management, design and UX skills.

I’ve also learned how amazing it is to be able to take an idea that once existed only in your head and actually see it get built.

(If anyone can think of another job, besides startup founder, where I’d get to use all of those skills on a daily basis then please let me know!)

Through all of that I’ve also expanded my understanding of psychology and human decision making, and learned about how important it is to all of those other areas. The key to investing is understanding investor behaviour; the key to leadership is understanding what motivates people; the key to presenting is understanding your audience; the key to negotiation is understanding the other party; the key to UX is understanding the user.

Take a look at my reading list if you want to explore further: www.goodreads.com/marcharrison

I’m also a Director of a funded startup and adviser to others. I mentor startup founders and regularly get along to help out at Startup Weekend and other startup related events. I get as much from doing this as those I help get from me.

I’m a kitesurfer, stand-up paddle surfer, Richmond supporter and very proud Dad. (Three of those things bring me great joy).

Finally, I really enjoy meeting new people and am always open to offers of a chat over coffee. Send me an email or get in touch via LinkedIn. All I ask is that if you want to connect on LinkedIn and we haven’t met, that you either send a personal message or take a minute to customise your connection request. Just relying on the default “I’d like to connect with you on LinkedIn” message doesn’t get us very far.